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Every product,

every idea,

every business

has a story.

Let Black Swan bring your story to life. 


You have logged countless hours refining your idea. Endless prototypes are scattered across the floor. You have tested, retested, and tested again. Now it is time to move to the next level, the next stage of growth. Your product is ready to go to market. Perhaps your are able to bootstrap your production or perhaps you are looking for the next round of funding to get production off the ground. Either way, you have one very important task ahead of you: “telling your story.” And not just any transmission of your ideas will do. You have to tell your story in such a compelling way that customers want to buy your product because they immediately understand the pain you can solve for them or that investors readily see the opportunity that your company represents.

Now you may have some of the most brilliant technical minds in the industry on your team, who have been able to design, build and manufacture the most incredible products that are better than anything else on the market. However, communicating the value of their creations to others that aren’t in their same technical sphere isn’t their strong point. That is OK and not uncommon, they are amazing at what they do.

You are not at the size or stage were you have those types of marketing resources in house. The prospect of engaging a major agency doesn’t fit your style, your current goals or your budget.

Black Swan can provide you with the tactical resources for your technical team when you need them and within your budget.

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